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A Hong Kong Flower Artist

We tell your one-and-only-one story with flowers.

And here is a bit of my story...

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“Let’s take a floral workshop!” It all began with my neighbor at work introducing me to the floral world five years ago. Being so bored with all number-crunching, I immediately said yes. I couldn’t wait to indulge myself in something beautiful. It would be like another get-away, just as any other interest classes.

I have never intended for this to flourish.

As time went by, my passion for flowers didn’t burnt out, instead it grew stronger. When I had my first home, I started bringing home seasonal blooms every weekend, relieving myself with these divine creations of God. The artistry in me was awakened, and I gradually found myself being more skilful in floral arrangements and bolder in my designs. I have never had a dream so vividly tangible.

It was a homemade dream.

Today I am humbly running my little floral business. I pour my devoted heart into every piece of work - not only delivering floral works, but also making friends along the way. I strongly believe that it's the relationships that makes the experience unique and personalised, and I thank you all for making my trip a splendid one.

I commit to all sorts of floral projects. My favourite is always weddings. I am always excited to witness the start of a fairy tale that springs from a holy union, where love is nurtured, courage are plucked up, and dreams become true.


It is my greatest wish to send my heartfelt blessings through timeless, artistic and transcendent designs to every clients that I could honourably serve, and to dedicate a prayer to you that your journey ahead will blossom with delightful surprises and bounties of joy.

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